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Air Curtain Kdk Is Used To Retain A Fresh Indoor Air To Not Contaminate With Outdoor Polutant Air Even The Door Is Open. With Higher Quality Sirocco Blade Wiil Flow Strongger Air Velocity , But Low Noise And Durable. High And Low Speed Control. Colour White Ivory

- 3009UA Length 90Cm, Head 3Meter, 1120Cmh, Power 81W, 220V, 50/ 60Hz

- 3012UA Length 120Cm, Head 3Meter, 1400Cmh, Power 94W, 220V, 50/ 60Hz

- 3015UA Length 150Cm, Head 3Meter, 2000Cmh, Power 131W, 220V, 50/ 60Hz

- 3509UA Length 90Cm, Head 3,5Meter, 1150Cmh, Power 95W, 220V, 50/ 60Hz

- 3512UA Length 120Cm, Head 3,5Meter, 1550Cmh, Power 114W, 220V, 50/ 60Hz

- 3512UA Length 150Cm, Head 3,5Meter, 1800Cmh, Power 146W, 220V, 50/ 60Hz

- 4009UA Length 90Cm, Head 4Meter, 1340Cmh, Power 110W, 220V, 50/ 60Hz

- 4012UA Length 120Cm, Head 4Meter, 1700Cmh, Power 126W, 220V, 50/ 60Hz

- 4015UA Length 150Cm, Head 4Meter, 2450Cmh, Power 177W, 220V, 50/ 60Hz

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