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Axial Low Noise
Axial Low Noise
Axial Low Noise
Axial Low Noise
Axial Low Noise
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IDR 5500000.00

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Exhaust Fan Large Size Or Axial Low Noise Fan Is A Large Size Industrial Exhaust Fan, Bigger Capacity But Low Noise And Low Power. Automatic Shutter Fan Prevents From The Outside Water Splash. Fan Belt Driven To Reduce Motor Speed For Long Lasting Usage.

- VAF900, Diameter 32", Dimensi 90X90x40cm, Power 0,37Kw, 380V. Kapasitas 28000Cmh. Berat 50Kg @ Rp.5,5jt

- VAF1000, Diameter 38", Dimensi 105X105x40cm, Power 0,55Kw, 380V. Kapasitas 32000Cmh. Berat 70Kg @ Rp.5,75jt

- VAF1220, Diameter 44", Dimensi 122X122x40cm, Power 0,75Kw, 380V. Kapasitas 37000Cmh. Berat 75Kg @ Rp.6jt

- VAF1380, Diameter 50", Dimensi 138X138x40cm, Power 1,1Kw, 380V. Kapasitas 44500Cmh. Berat 90Kg @ Rp. 6,5jt

-VAF700, Diameter 24", Dimensi 70X70x40cm, Power 0,5Kw, 380V. Speed 1400RPM (Direct Drive) Kapasitas 8000Cmh. Berat 30Kg @ Rp.5jt

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